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Tool Shop


Design engineering

Development and comprehensive design engineering for production of moulds and masking templates. The Design Engineering department is equipped with modern work stations and the latest CAD/CAM version of Siemens NX.

Mould production

Moulds are made on a modern 5-axis machining centre. Moulds for PUR foam are made as all-Dural with integrated heating, or a dural shell with an epoxy core.


Masking templates for plating and painting

We choose an appropriate mask technology based on customer requirements. The most frequent galvanoplastic nickel shells are made in the maximum size of 400×600 mm. Another carbon fibre technology in a controlled hardening process offers a top-quality composite mask to the customer. For small parts, we can offer a covering mask or seating face of cast or milled epoxy resins.

Inspection and measuring fixtures

Production of measuring and inspection fixtures for headlamp parts to evaluate the deformation of a given part. Fixtures designed for measurement on 3D machinery or GO/NGO optical evaluation.

Handling and storage technology

In the vacuum plating segment, we offer production of handling equipment for plating hooks, warehouse trolleys and racks. We can modify the clamping system in the machine upon customer request and design the entire handling and storage concept.

Single-purpose machines

Design and production of single-purpose machinery for PUR foam production.


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